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All new 2-Way digital radio platform for Voice-Based Communications!

Use your radio almost anywhere there is a cellular tower.

Unlike other radio providers, talk2me has contracts with the major common carriers directly to provide service for your 2-way radio and to ensure connectivity regardless of location or service provider. Our standard radio service works in the entire United States including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Coverage available on all US Cellular, AT&T, Verizon, C-Spire and Claro networks in the United States.

With our United States standard coverage program you are covered across the entire country regardless of cellular tower provider.

Enhance your coverage experience and go beyond the United States.

Going beyond the United States? With our enhanced coverage upgrade, you can now use your talk2me radio in over 72 international destinations and stay in touch with anyone back home. Plus you get additional coverage towers when stateside to ensure you are always connected.

Enhanced coverage includes all standard networks mentioned above plus in the United States additional networks from T-Mobile are included.

Included countries where radio service is available:

Albania Israel Romania
Andorra Italy Russia
Armenia Japan Saudi Arabia
Australia Jordan Serbia Republic of
Austria Kazakhstan Singapore
Belarus Korea Republic of Slovakia
Belgium Kuwait Slovenia
Bulgaria Latvia South Africa
Canada Liechtenstein Spain
China Lithuania Sri Lanka
Croatia Luxembourg Sweden
Cyprus Macau Switzerland
Czech Republic Macedonia Taiwan
Denmark Malaysia Thailand
Estonia Malta Turkey
Finland Montenegro Ukraine
France Myanmar 

United Arab


Germany Netherlands United Kingdom
Gibraltar New Zealand United States
Greece Norway Vietnam
Hong Kong Philippines Mexico (as of 3/18/24)
Hungary Poland USA T-Mobile
Iceland Portugal  
Indonesia Puerto Rico  
Ireland Reunion  

Radios designed for connectivity.

talk2me radios connect to more networks.
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Why use talk2me for your digital 2-way radio setup?

The right technology for today's demanding communication market.

With talk2me! We have pioneered the next level of 2-way radio communication by always being first to market with innovation.

Why use talk2me radios? The answer is simple, it’s all about DESIGN, our highly trained communications engineers from the RVI Group LLC. have taken the necessary steps to ensure the next generation of walkie talkies will have stronger signal penetration to provide constant connectivity in remote locations.

Unlike walkie talkies in the market currently, talk2me radios use all the available spectrum offered by the common carriers to enhance range and radio quality.