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Community citizen radio.
Over 100 Public Channels.

It's all about the community and the conversation.

stay connected to what's happening with citizens radio.

community citizen radio explained.

talk2me is here to bring voice communication back to basics and encourage people to connect with one another in a more personal way. With its vast network of digital group voice channels, you can chat with people from all around the world and share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

Back in the day we used our voice for everything.

However, one of things we had a blast with was group conversations.

Introducing talk2me, the revolutionary all voice social networking platform dedicated to voice users. Connect with like-minded individuals from all corners of the globe in organic and authentic conversation through our vast selection of group channels.

Start chatting now and discover incredible new friendships that will last a lifetime!


Unlimited Group Conversations
$ 12
Annual iPhone/Android Subscription.

Whats Included with the citizen radio app?

  • Unlimited voice conversations with no time limits.

  • No radio purchase required to use community channels. 

  • Anonymous, other members only see your talk2me ID number.

  • 100 voice-capable group channels.

  • Ability to change channels at any time.

  • All community group channels are open to all users.

  • Chat with other users all around the world.

  • Ad free app for iPhone and Android.

  • Want to host a channel? for a one-time program fee, you can have 1 private channels for you and your friends.

  • Use the app program anywhere in the world including cruises while traveling.

  • App uses very minimal data while talking in group voice conversations.