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Member conduct is imperative on our network, we will not allow our members be disrespected or harassed. Please contact by email with the member ID and we will reach out to the member directly.


  • General FAQ’s

  • Where are your radios made?

    • We are an American company, located in Illinois! All radios are programmed and shipped from Illinois.

  • When will my order ship?

    • Shipping takes just a 1-2 days. All the orders are shipped very fast via FEDEX!

  • What is your return policy?

  • Is there a monthly fee?

    • NO! We charge an annual fee which the first year is included with your radio purchase. Most of our competitors charge between $10-$30/mo per radio. We have partnered with major common carriers to provide dedicated radio service almost anywhere in the nation!

  • What’s included?

    • The radio, battery, charger, and belt clip. Plus radio programming and service for an entire year! For an extra year of USA ONLY service, the fee is $25 for the first radio (per year) and $20 for each additional radio.

  • Can I talk from one state to another?

    • Absolutely! You can talk ALL over the country – with no restrictions.

  • What’s the range?

    • With our USA service It’s all the United States including Puerto Rico.

  • Is a license required?

    • Not at all. All license free!

  • How does it work?

    • The extremely vast LTE network provides outstanding coverage for our radio service and can connect to all common carrier providers including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and US Cellular. We also have a global option available if needed for only an additional $25 per year.

  • Is there international/global coverage?

    • Yes if you purchase this service – you can use them outside of the USA – after you receive the units you would fill out a form and we can activate that for you. It is an upgrade for global support – email us for more info –

  • Will this work in an area with no cellular coverage?

    • You will have access to every single carrier network in the United States so it should work better than a cell phone.

  • Do you support earbuds/headsets?

    • Yes – you can connect earbuds, hand mics, and other accessories to the radio. It has a standard k connection port (a dual port with mic/speaker)(Some radios may feature a USBC port).

  • Are they private?

    • All radio transmissions are secure and encrypted communications. Only people in your group can hear anything, or you can talk in a 1 on 1 setting as well, or a group – either one.

  • How is this different than a cell phone?

    • This is much different than a cell phone. And will work in MANY situations where phones will not. 1). Unlike cell phones, it’s not a public communication. The government CANNOT listen in. These provide secure, encrypted communications with AES and end to end encryption standards. Only people in your group can hear anything, or you can talk in a 1 on 1 setting.
      2). Instant “push to talk” technology.
      3). Unlike cell phones, when calling is bogged down due to a disaster (i.e. 9/11) when all you get are busy signals, these radios will STILL WORK. It’s a totally different technology.
      4). Unlike cell phones, NO monthly fees.
      5). Unlike cell phones, we utilize EVERY cell carrier (not just one). So if one carrier does not have coverage, it goes to a different one. Allowing you coverage on EVERY carrier, not just 1.
      6). Global coverage is available as well.

  • How do the groups work?

    • you can have private talk groups, 1 on 1, and we can add users at any time for you to your group or to talk 1 on 1. It’s 100% private though – you can only speak with those who you allow. Otherwise it’s private and encrypted. You can have as many groups and people on there as you want – at any time. We do not use PUBLIC channels. Everything is private. And the groups can be of any size.

  • Is there a warranty?

    • We are located in Illinois. All radios come with a 12 month parts warranty and we offer round the clock customer service.

  • Will it work on cruise ships?

    • This depends on the cruise ship but in most cases you will need an international SIM service. Most major cruise lines offer LTE repeaters that require special data plans.