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radio equipment explained.

talk2me brings 2-way wireless voice communication back to basics, making it easy to connect with people worldwide. With our vast coverage network, you can chat with anyone, anywhere.

Do you enjoy using CB radios, HAM radios, walkie talkies, or any form of two-way radio communication? If you answer yes, then you will love this radio! It takes the functionality of a CB radio and enhances it, making it perfect for easy communication with your friends over limitless distances.

Communicate across the country with ease using talk2me – a groundbreaking social networking platform dedicated to voice users.

Equipment features.

Whats Included?

  • Radio unit features factory installed SIM card, battery, microphone headset, charging cable and charging block.

  • Radio connectivity is available anywhere in the talk2me coverage area.

  • Radio comes programmed with access to private and public channels.

  • No need for Wi-Fi, radio uses cell towers.

  • Chat with users all around the world upon request.

  • Affordable radio price options.

  • Want to host a private channel? for a one-time program fee you can make up to five channels for your friends.

  • No FCC license required to use this radio or the service.

  • No contracts or commitments needed.

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For a customized 2-way radio solution designed for you.