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2-way radio communications
for families.

we keep families connected.

Traveling family members and long-distance work.

Fun adventures with friends and special events.

Inexpensive parent to child communication.

Community watch and neighborhood protection.

family radio explained.

With talk2me 2-way radio you can now stay in touch with family worldwide, with our vast coverage network.

Stay in touch! A phone can be cumbersome when you need to get a quick message across or need for the whole group to have the same message rapidly.

No matter if you use it daily or on your weekend adventures. If you enjoy using walkie talkies, or any form of two-way radio communication then you will love this radio program!

Communicate across the house or across the world with ease using talk2me family radio – a groundbreaking push to talk 2-way communication platform dedicated to voice users.

ways to stay connected.

Mobile device to walkie talkie radio

Walkie talkie radio to walkie talkie radio

All radio purchases include an additional app license for your mobile device for free.

family fun features.

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Limitless 2-way private communications.

What’s Included?

  • Private family channel with one radio and one app.
  • Ability to add more family members to the same group.
  • Unlimited radio connectivity anywhere in the US.
  • Voice-capable private channel dedicated to the family users.
  • Portable radio uses cell towers no need to be on Wi-Fi.
  • International and cruise coverage available.
  • Affordable radio price options starting at $49.99.
  • Unlimited usage, talk as much as you want.
  • Discounts for additional radios and apps.
  • No contracts or commitments needed.
  • No FCC licenses or additional fees required.