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All new 2-Way digital radio platform for Voice-Based Communications!

We have the United States covered.

With talk2me your 2-way radio has an extended range that is way beyond any conventional 2 way radio transceiver. Now go where you need to go, when you need to go and we got you covered!

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Service requires upfront annual payment.

United States standard coverage map.

At talk2me our 2-way radio service features coverage almost anywhere in the where a wireless cell phone tower is present. Now you can use your 2-way regardless of location to stay in touch with your family, friends and business.

Practical uses for 2-way radios.

Staying in touch with my children.

“As a single working mom in a busy small town, giving my two young teenagers expensive cell phones is out of the question! However, after finding this service, I can communicate with both of my children at the same time from my iPhone with the app and their two walkie-talkies regardless of where they are. Problem solved and now I have peace of mind.”
Martha P.
Batavia, NY

Socializing on the road and making new friends.

“My life is on the road and I enjoy making new friends, with the v1 mobile radio I have been able to chat with people from all over the United States, it is so much fun to just converse with different individuals and with the limitless range of this range the conversation just keeps on going which is ideal for me because it makes my driving day go so much faster.”
talk2me trucker
Mike G.
Mobile, AL

Traveling into areas where phone service is expensive.

“I have dedicated my life to God, in most areas I travel to roaming cell phone service can become extremely pricey. Thankfully I have found this service and I have added many friends to my private radio channel so we all know where we are at and can safely talk to each other regardless of location. Currently I am in Myanmar, and it feels great to talk back home to New York. Thank You.”
Alexandria C.

Radios designed for everyone.

talk2me offers a completely digital 2-way radio communications network.
talk2me radios

App to Radio

Radio to Radio

Computer to Radio

Why use digital 2-way radios?

Time to say goodbye to antiqued 2-way radios and limited range.

Introducing talk2me! The new approach to digital 2-way communication through a rebirth and evolution of primitive handheld CB radios and GMRS Walke-talkies.

Through the push of a button, you may now remain in close contact with friends, family, co-workers and a vast network of individuals, ANY TIME, ANY WHERE!

This is your chance to branch out! Meet new people! Stay in touch around the nation or the globe which render antiquated citizens bands (CB) 2-way radio systems obsolete!

Also try talk2me community, where the next generation of voice social networking begins, meet new people and make great friends.